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Apr 2019
By: Theo van der Sluijs

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Should or should you not post your article on Medium. It's a question about using this great news platform. I love and hate medium and for starters it's great!

I’ve been a blogger since 1996, yes I know… my kids tell me every day… I started blogging in the previous century. So my first blogs was on my own very simple CMS. Simple as in HTML files. After that I created my blog on a Joomla environment, then WordPress,, WordPress again,, Medium, WordPress again, Medium again and now mostly on Jekyll on Github.

I really like Jekyll, it’s simple to create good themes, it’s fast! No no .. I mean really fast! And for 80 bucks per year I can not only use private Github repo’s but I als can create an enormous amount of blogs.

Since a few weeks I decided to turn al my Blogs into an AMP version and I turned some of my Blogs already in AMP with help of a self created template and python to convert all my articles from WordPress to Jekyll markup to AMP markup.

I started with this a test site to experiment with AMP. When it worked and it had a 99% mobile page speed rating and 100% desktop rating I converted one of my other blogs to AMP.

It’s not finished yet but it’s a matter of days before I completely turned it in to a AMP-powered blazing fast site.

But there is one thing missing here!

I love writing blogs, but I don’t have the time to do it

No time!

So every day I’m taking the train to work. It’s like 60 minutes, me and my laptop just changing the sites to AMP. Before that.. It was all about changing my sites from WordPress to Jekyll, before that it was changing all my sites from Medium to WordPress……

Do you understand where this is going?

Yes! I don’t have time to write any blogs.

Now I had this problem before… and a lot of things stopped me from writing.

Picking or building the right theme or template for what ever CMS.

Creating Ad’s with Adsense, creating the right Affiliate URL’s to make money with my sites.

But I all stopped those things. I don’t do Ad’s or Affiliate urls anymore because I just want to write Blogs. I don’t change my theme anymore (I created one, and us it for all my blogs). I stopped using WordPress, as I was more updating the plugins (yes it’s automatic now, I know) and trying to keep the site faster… because OMG WordPress is so slowwwwww.

I did not had time to write Blogs.

And I just want to do 2 things…. Write Blog posts and do some coding, and write blog posts about coding.

But what should I do?

Medium or not to Medium that is the Question

So I’ve got a lot of blog:

and a lot of fun placeholder sites like:

But the main question is… should I just stop on all those sites (well the blogging part) and start using medium again?

Love and hate Medium

There are a lot of things I love about medium.

  1. The interaction with followers
  2. The simplicity of the site and writing blog posts
  3. No more worries about updates / backups

But there are also things I do not like (not really hate… but real dislike)

  1. The payment wall… I just want my articles to be free
  2. They say my content is my content.. but is it really
  3. NO MORE OWN DOMAINS! (biggest dislike)

So what should I do? I don’t have a lot of followers anymore but I hope a few will help.

Should I just write my blogs here from now on?

Should I write on my own blogs and repost them here?

Or….. you tell me.

Thank you!


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