I’m a nerd, not ashamed of it. Using tech on daily base to make life more easy by automating stuff. Here you can find all my articles about tech and how to use them so you can automate your stuff.

Open SSH on your Raspberry Pi

Using ssh to connect to your raspberry pi is really easy and secure, but before you can use this you have to open your Raspberry for SSH.

Use SSH keys on your Raspberry Pi

Using ssh on a raspberry pi is really easy, but thing really get better when you use ssh keys.

Social icons in Ghost Casper Theme

Putting social icons in the Casper theme is easier as you think. You don’t have to change code or rewrite the theme. You can do it all in the backend

Bye bye, I removed Medium

I removed my Medium Account. I love both hate medium. It’s a great platform but I hate the pay-wall. I would rather pay as writer.