Hello, my name is Theo van der Sluijs.

I live in the Province of Zeeland in The Netherland, in a little village called Nisse.

I was born in the Year 1975 on the 14th of may, so I’ve been on this planet for like a some years now.

I’ve been developing whole my life, since 1983, started when I was 7 years old having nothing more than a Commodore 64 and I have been developing in many many languages:  Basic, ASP (classic), PowerBuilder, LotusScript, Lotus Notes Formula, ASP.NET, VisualBasic, Bash, Javascript, C#, ABAP, PDF Interactive Forms script, ActionScript, PHP…. well you get the idea.

As it once was my profession, I still like to develop something every day. I’m not fixated on only one developers language so if I think I can use it, I start developing in that language.

I like to automate everything. I don’t like doing manual work (other than developing) and I hate doing the same work twice. So AUTO-MATION are the words! If I can solve it with code, I will solve it with code!

Next to developing I’ve always liked writing blog posts. Just writing about stuff online on one of my many blogs. I've been writings blogs in Joomla, Wordpress, Blogger, my own build CMS, Jekyll / Github, Medium and now my own hosted Ghost site.

So on this site you will find a bundle of my Blogs. Some New, Some Old, Some Good, Some not so Good.

If you found an error in my work, have improvements, have a remark, question or any concern, let me know!

Have fun!

Theo van der Sluijs