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my name is Theo, some of my friends call me iTheo. I’m a Nerd Herder ☆ Agility Master ☆ Code Monkey ☆ Life Hacker☆ Sport Billy ☆ Husband ☆ Male Human ☆ Dad of 2 ☆ and Legendary since '75.
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Latest Articles

Build your own Python virtual assistant

For building your own Python virtual assistant like Siri, Google Assistent, Alexa or even Bixby you only need a few lines of code.

Ghost 503 Service Unavailable error

I suddenly got 503 Service Unavailable errors on my ghost site on Digital Ocean. All due to a lot of traffic to my site. And that is good, but the server could not handle it.

Ultimate Ubiquiti home network installation

Finally a chance to build the ultimate Ubiquiti home network.

Install python 3.9 on Raspberry PI

Installing python 3.9 on a Raspberry Pi in a few easy to follow steps in a few lines of code.